Posted on Dec 8, 2019

Taggs K9 Dog Training

Watch Honey the 4 month Old Puppy Learn Come, Place and Down

This puppy training clip shows the many hours of work that a trainer does to teach a new puppy to learn basic commands like come, place and lay down. Honey has already been doing repetitive training for many hours and will continue for 3 weeks just to instill basics as part of the 'board and train' puppy training "Piddler Program."

It takes up to a year for a puppy's obedience to really stick and become natural behavior with humans. That's why Taggs K9 dog training offers lifetime support for the families of puppies and dogs who graduate from its board-in or intensive private lesson dog and puppy training programs.

Professional puppy training is the best investment for your dog and your family. Instead of you trying to accomplish a complex and stressful effort on your own, you can hire trainers to do most of the 'heavy lifting' for giving your puppy foundational obedience training that lasts a lifetime.

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